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Overpaying For Small Business SEO & PPC?

Here is 5 things your #SEO or #PPC company won’t tell you:

1.) Outsourced Work

Most companies OUTSOURCE your work to third party fulfillment companies driving the amount of workload down for them so they can focus on their business and close more clients. This takes their focus off of your business. So… not only is their attention diverted from your company but the cost to you is more expensive as they have to make a mark up, sometimes 3, 4, or even by 5X. I know what you’re thinking this is just business rite? Maybe, but, at #NESMA we don’t cut corners. Vincent our Founder has created a unique brand of creative individuals that work together to accomplish more together! Our strategic alliance gets projects in and puts them in the “pool.” Our CRM directs the projects the the rite team and the money is split between the parties that are involved in the project making it so the client doesn’t get that CRAZY MARKUP! In this way we work together to make things happen as we all have some skin in the game.

2.) Sales people

Here is another point to think about. How did you hear about them? Was it a salesperson? It was? Well guess what?! They have sales people that get paid on payroll. YOU PAY THEIR SALARY! These companies know that they need “New Blood” to keep their company going or keep their “pipeline full.” Here at #NESMA we pay our sales staff on commission only! This means that our sales staff work hard to get their sales and take great care when handling new accounts. When someone is paid hourly they know they have all the time in the world. Hourly payouts make it VERY expensive as they grow and their prices go up, where as we grow our prices actually get cheaper!

3.) Tools

Have you ever thought about the tools that your company is using? These tools that most agencies use are nothing more than tools that you could find yourself by searching on Google and watching a YouTube video to implement that strategy. These companies that provide the tools white label these tools to creatives or even sell them on a monthly retainer fee, AND GUESS WHO PAYS THAT FEE? YOU DO! Not only do you pay the fee but much like the way retail works they mark that price up as well! Here at #NESMA we have created our own tools in house with proprietary technologies and AI to give us the best results up front.

4.) Hourly VS Per Project

Are you getting charged hourly? If you are, you are allowing the agency to work as fast or worse SLOW as they want. The client has to pay just as much for the hour the agency spent creating and sending an email as they do for the hour spent coming up with a killer strategy that will bring in thousands of dollars of new business. This is unfair and does not represent true value. Here at #NESMA we pride ourselves in our per project pricing. With this you know that we will work diligently to set up the account and give you the fairest pricing available.

5.) Hidden Fees

Have you been hit with hidden fees? Most companies hide fees within a LONGGGGG contract that not even our lawyers want to look at. Here at #NESMA our contract is one page and clear as day. It spells out all the cost up front as we believe in giving all the power to the customer and letting them know upfront.

Work With a Team That Wont Charge You An Arm & A Leg

Picking the rite agency becomes a job in itself. Don’t get bogged down by trying to select the rite place and schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can help you out.

After our consultation we will give you a custom marketing plan tailored to your business. If you don’t go with us at least you will have a good understanding of where you are, where you need to be and how to get there.

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