Local Marketing and Design For A Local Sushi Restaurant In Derry NH

Sumo Sushi is a personal friend of ours and have done business on many levels. Not only do we do their marketing but we also save them 15-30% on their electricity cost! This is exclusive as when you get signed on with New England Social Media Agency you also get our network. Within our network we can save you on snow removal, landscaping, trash, electric savings, and food vendors and professional food costing sheets to save money per plate! Now I know your not reading this to learn about our network but its important as these savings can save you more than what it cost us to market for you! This puts you at a competitive advantage. 

We were hired by Sumo Sushi to create a marketing plan to capture people that are interested in coupons. We have been building up the page with mega giveaways and advertising to the FRIENDS of people that liked their page.

This means that we are able to target NEW customers not just your existing customers. We first started by going into their restaurant and shooting video for an ad and photos for daily posts on their page.

While our design team posts on their page daily to attract new people our ads team is focused on optimizing their ads to sign them up to an email list.

in 30 days we successfully signed up 50+ new customers that used the coupon! This is major as its not about the one time visit, it’s about the LTV. LTV or “Life Time Value of a customer” is what we are shooting for.

We have paid once to get them into an email list and can now effectively market to them on a weekly basis with new specials and menu items. At an average of $25 per a plate this list can generate over $50,000 per a year when marketed to properly! Now you probably wondering, how much did it cost to get that list?

A little less than $4,000 a year including advertising fees. Now that we have the system to consistently generate leads we can double this list month after month! 

If you want more info on this case study you can reach out and schedule a FREE call with a marketing pro and receive a free marketing plan!