Marketing and Design for a Local Co-working Space in Londonderry NH

Work Hub Suites is a first-class experience when it comes to shared office space. They have gone over the top when it comes to designing a space for collaboration and creativity. WHS came to New England Social Media in pre-launch in hopes to get their spaces filled prior to December.  NESMA’s team first created a logo to represent their brand that is now used on signs, cards, posters, scroll banners, and social media sites. New England Social Media Agency then created a website that not only looks professional but converts customers. This website connects to their companies backend that controls payments and other automation like email, secured building access, conference room scheduling, etc.  Our team of certified ads specialists then went to work and created compelling copy/ads to post on social media marketplaces and online boards. This alone has been filling up space! They are successfully getting calls to fill up their space and they love us so much they give us referrals to their friends who need more customers as we are performing for their company! 

Stats from 2019:

Company revenue from $0 – $10,400 per month

Created 10X on Ad spend

Gained over 200 local followers

If your company is struggling to get your co-working space full, give us a shout. You can schedule a FREE call with a marketing pro and gain access to a free marketing plan that we used on this company.