Top 3 Tools and tricks to use for Instagram Marketing in 2021

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has a broad demographic of people looking to buy your products and service. We already know that being on social is essential. More importantly, as a brand selling services or products, this is the place you want to be!

Creating a business profile on social media is also a great way to read analytics on your business quickly. You will also be able to place a link on your profile to promote your brand, and it’s another excellent spot for a backlink to your website. This will help you with SEO and other organic rankings. Using the rite hashtags on this platform, we can attract the people following things that your brand is all about.

Instagram, the picture book of social, is also an excellent place for running influencer campaigns to get your message out organically. You can also engage with people via their messenger or on their pages. Being genuine and not spamming people is also essential here, but you can attract some great customers for years to come if done right.

Okay, so we gave you a lot here, and we want to bring it together for you. We will also give you a shortlist of tools that you can use to build up a strong brand presence on social media.

  1. This first tool on our list is a platform called Hootsuite. This platform allows you to manage your social media platforms and schedule fresh content for your pages. This will enable you to get the most action out of each post by only posting at times that you know your audience is online. They will also give you a place to respond to your messages in one place. This tool is free to start but will cost an additional fee.

  2. The second tool on our list is Canva! I know you may be wondering how do I get all of this content to schedule on my social media platforms? Canva is the answer. This platform will give you all the tools and pre-made easy to edit templates. This platform has paid and free options as well, so you can get started at no cost.

  3. So how do you manage to build these relationships? Kicksta! This platform allows you to connect your account and have a team of people find companies like yourself and build engagement with their following. This is a paid platform, but you will be able to grow your following with the right people organically.

There are a few tools and ways to manage your social media profiles and Instagram account to recap here, but there are costs involved and the worst part…


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