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4 Things to Expect from the New Google Ads API Upgrade

Google has recently announced that the AdWords API will be no longer available, shutting down by April 27, 2022. Anyone using Google AdWords API will have to migrate over to Google Ads API to ensure their operations do not get hindered. Although the new API promises to help companies maximize their advertisement-related efforts, there is a lot to be done to adapt to the new API.

To make this switch easier, here are a few things you should know about Google Ads API:

1. It supports RESTful API

The RESTful API is an application programming interface that allows you to conform to the REST architectural style and interact with web services built around REST. If you are looking forward to REST, the good news is that the Google Ads API supports the RESTful API. It is also backed by a client library that implements gRPC, a high-performing remote procedure framework that can run in essentially any environment.

2. Ads and AdWords can coexist

Google knows that businesses will need some time to migrate from the AdWords API to the Ads API. As such, they have allowed the two to coexist temporarily. In other words, Ads and AdWords can run in the same application to mix-match the different objects and make migration a lot easier.

3. There will be new ad types and metrics

Many long-time models will no longer be supported with the new Ads API. Rather, newer versions of said models will be introduced to yield better results. For instance, the new API will introduce the latest types of ads and metrics that you need to understand to fully utilize. 

As such, you need to do a little research about what exactly the Ads API can offer, ensuring you do not miss any opportunities.

4. It offers a far better smart bidding feature

Bidding has been in place for a long time with AdWords API, where the more you bid on keywords, the more traffic you get for any ads that use the keyword. Although it has shown to be quite effective on the AdWords API, the Ads API offers a much better smart bidding feature. Simply put, with the Ads API, you can maximize your budget for ads much better, boosting results without incurring unnecessary costs.


There will be a lot of work to do on your end to make sure you are ready for the API change. Remember, the AdWords API and the Ads API are not a one-to-one reflection of each other. You must ensure that your application interfaces appropriately with the newer API, allowing you to maximize your use of the upgrade. 

That said, we always highly recommend looking beyond Google. For instance, you should consider switching to a third-party platform to manage your Google Ads in addition to your restructuring. You can free up precious time on your end to do other things to grow your organization. In other words, work beyond what Google has to offer to help you upgrade effectively!

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