Why You Need to Invest in Conversion Rate Optimization Now

The most successful businesses work the same way the best athletes do – even when they have already won the game and got the highest awards and biggest rewards, they won’t just rest on that win and relax. In fact, that will only drive them more to push harder and keep improving.  You see the same attitude in the most notable businessmen. They’re always finding ways to make their companies better and increase their profits continuously. One of the best strategies to achieve that is by working hard to increase conversion rates on their website.

If you are not that familiar with CRO, that’s fine. NESMA Group, a trusted conversion rate optimization agency, shares what CRO is all about and why you should invest in it:

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

In a nutshell, CRO or conversion rate optimization is the process of boosting the percentage of web visitors who do a specific action you want them to do, like sign up for a newsletter, download an e-book, purchase one of your products, and more. It’s not so much about getting more traffic to your website but more about getting the most out of those who are already there.

What Happens If You Don’t Employ CRO Strategies?

You probably already have a KPI that’s for your sales or the number of conversions you make on your website, so you already have an idea where you are currently and where you need to take it in the coming weeks or months. For instance, if you have set your goal to get 100 monthly conversions and right now, you’re still at 50, it means you’re going to exert more effort to double your traffic. That means double the cost, too. And sadly, the more you spend on traffic, the more conversions you’ll need to cover that cost.

Why You Should Invest in CRO

It Helps Minimize Bounce Rate

As conversion rates improve, more website visitors move forward through the funnels, and there’s going to be fewer “bounces” off your site. As some SEO experts attest, bounce rates affect a site’s rankings; this is a benefit that every website needs.

It Helps Lower the Cost of Acquisition

When you measure the expenses for the acquisition of customers, you should calculate how much you’ve spent on your marketing efforts for a particular period then divide it by how many customers you actually acquired during that period.

With CRO, you get more conversions for the same amount you spend, meaning the CAC is actually cut in half.

It Gives You a Competitive Advantage

When you optimize conversion rates against your own set KPIs, you are constantly exerting effort to improve your numbers. But its benefits don’t only give you the benefit of beating your numbers, it also gives you an edge against your competition, and that edge may be the only thing you need to get ahead in the game.


Conversion rate optimization is indeed for investing in. When you optimize your conversion rate, you can improve your website, and those improvements will push you to the front of the race. However, it’s worth noting that CRO doesn’t work like a light switch that gives you instant results. There are no shortcuts, and a long-term commitment is necessary. And like with every other marketing strategy, you need to ask yourself whether its return will justify that investment you’ll make. This is an important question because every business is at a different spot, so you want to make sure that the strategies you’re doing are the right ones for you. If you determine that it’s worth it, don’t work on it by yourself. Work with a reliable company to get conversion rate optimization services that deliver results.

NESMA Group is a reputable CRO agency in Derry, NH that can help you get your conversion rates up. Contact our team today to see how we can help you!

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