4 Best Ways to Generate Successful Website Backlinks

SEO is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. If you are utilizing this, you may already have partnered with a content creation agency to use digital content, headlines, and meta descriptions as part of your tactic. As the search engines’ competitiveness continues to rise, you also have to consider using backlinks. These are marketing tools that refer to inbound links to your website. 

The links used to link back to your content or one of your pages when someone references your website on theirs and when someone shares a link to your website on social media are considered backlinks. They boost your search rankings because they let search engines know that your website contains quality content. To take advantage of their benefits, here are some ways to generate backlinks:

Host webinars

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses across industries were forced to leave their office cubicles and transition to digital platforms. This also means many in-person seminars and other events were canceled or postponed. 

While everyone is adjusting to the new normal, build your credibility and share your expertise with your target audience by hosting webinars. What makes this helpful for your business is you provide them with the opportunity to learn more about relevant topics in the industry without breaking their bank or taking too much time out of their day. 

When hosting, keep your webinars short and engaging. Don’t forget to share a link to your presentation to encourage participants to share it with their peers.

Serve as an expert in interviews

One of the best ways to establish your credibility in the industry is to serve as an expert in interviews. Connect with journalists, podcasters, bloggers, and other media professionals in your area and pitch your ideas to them. 

While you may get rejected more than once, remember that your expertise could be the perfect fit for their article or episode. A single exposure can lead to more people who want to interview you, so be patient.

Write guest blogs

Establish meaningful relationships with clients and other notable persons in your industry, then ask them if you can write a guest blog on their website. This strategy builds awareness about your brand once you offer backlinks to your content. 

Note that your guest blog must fit your business well. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase your expertise, so choose your topic wisely. The theme must also match your partner organization’s blog by ensuring it stays relevant to their customers. Once done writing, consider reaching out to a content agency to ensure your blog post is free from errors.

Include your company on a listicle feature article

Another way to generate backlinks is to add your company to a listicle feature article. This type of content is often written by local news websites and encourages readers to interact with the website because it is evergreen. 

Set up Google Alerts to be notified whenever key phrases in your industry are mentioned in a feature article. Then, consider reaching out to the writer and pitch your company. Who knows, they may edit their content to add your company or include you in their next article.


Generating backlinks stems from building your credibility and leveraging your relationships with your customers and other professionals in your industry. While this may seem challenging, integrating quality backlinks is possible when you follow the suggestions in this guide or hire SEO professionals like us.

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