What Makes YouTube Downright Crucial for Businesses

With the rise of social media, there have been a lot of advancements in digital marketing over the years. A surprisingly overlooked website for many is YouTube. This is probably because it’s not necessarily viewed as a social media network by everyone. 

YouTube as a Tool for Business

At present, there are billions of users on YouTube each month. American adults use the platform more than most, which means whether or not it is a form of social media doesn’t actually matter. Every minute, over 500 hours of video are uploaded from all around the world. What does matter is the popularity that YouTube has, which, as any content creation agency will agree with, ranks far higher than that of the likes of Twitter. 

Read on to learn more about what makes YouTube downright crucial for businesses:

YouTube Can Help Mitigate Complaints

Sometimes, irate people will make a video showing defective or broken products that millions of others can see. For the most part, these are non-malicious, but be wary of some people that may take it to another personal level. In any case, having an active YouTube presence will help you reach out to these irate customers without seeming like you’re just trying to handle “bad press.” 

You’d be surprised how much good can come from a seemingly bad situation through this. A good rule of thumb that reputable social media agency outlets practice is quite simple: sincerity is key. 

YouTube Assists with Customer Communication

There’s more to a YouTube video interaction than liking the video, sharing it, and subscribing to a channel. Communicating with customers, potential and current, can involve the private messaging feature of the website. A comment section on a video and even the community tab for those who have subscribed are also important channels. A single reply comment can make a huge difference and even convert leads. 

YouTube Is Great for Advertising

As previously mentioned, the marketing opportunities on YouTube are numerous. YouTube has Google Adsense advertising seamlessly integrated, which means that even pay-per-click advertising, which is seen as more traditional, plays a role here. Given how huge and widespread it is, it’s no surprise that it also serves as a video search engine. An entertaining video with relevant information about the product or service you’re marketing has great potential on YouTube; the reach can go up to hundreds of millions of possible customers.

YouTube Makes Internal Communication Easier

Aside from communicating with customers, YouTube makes it easy to communicate within the company. There is an “Unlisted” feature that allows only people who have the link to a particular video to access it. Videos can also be shared with specific email addresses only, meaning they need to be logged in to YouTube to access it. 

That means announcements and instructional videos can be distributed with ease. Newer employees or people experiencing rank changes within the company can also refer to specific videos to help them with concepts, product functions, and more.


YouTube is not the first platform that comes to mind when social media is brought up. For businesses, what’s important is the wealth of marketing opportunities it comes with. YouTube is crucial for business since it’s great for advertising, helps to mitigate complaints, and assists with customer communication.

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