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5 Methods for Raising Your PPC Quality Score

Because Google is the most popular search engine globally, obtaining the top spot on its results page is every business’ ultimate goal. This way, you increase your online visibility, traffic, and revenue. However, this task is not only challenging but also costly. 

While SEO can help you achieve the coveted first-page ranking, it is impossible to do so without using PPC-sponsored (pay-per-click) advertisements. This is because Google employs your page’s quality score and directs consumers to the most relevant page for their query.

The quality score influences your Google ranking and the relevance of your ads and landing pages to your intended audience. This is vital in determining how frequently your advertising appears when an in-market user performs a search query related to your campaigns.

That said, here are our top five methods for raising your PPC quality score for your business:

Convey Relevance

For marketing objectives, seek out highly relevant keywords to utilize your landing pages and determine a high-quality score. Then, the ad copy and landing pages should be keyword-relevant. Simply put, each element of your website must convey a single, coherent message. 

Get the Top Keywords

Aside from relevancy, you must carefully plan and use keywords across your adverts and landing sites. A minor modification to the title of a landing page, for example, can help Google determine the website’s relevance to the user’s keywords.

Use Negative Keywords

Creating, updating, and monitoring negative keyword lists will help you save money and enhance your overall quality score. 

Negative keywords ensure that those who are not in your target market do not see your ad. This increases your overall Click Through Rate (CTR) since users who visit your ads are more likely to be interested. As a result, it’s critical that your ads only appear for relevant keywords.

Craft Excellent Content and Copy 

Content and copy that are distinctive, relevant, and persuasive is the most successful approach to catch the attention of your target audience. Without a doubt, you have a chance to win. Your content, on the other hand, must continue to entice the reader to click. The trick is to come up with catchy lines that are relevant to your keyword and landing page. 

You can persuade an interested consumer that your company is more successful and will solve their problems more effectively than another by emphasizing the benefits of your products or services. After all, customers expect your products and services to address specific needs while also looking for high quality or worth.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action (CTA)

CTAs are essential for increasing website conversion. A clear call to action also helps to improve user experience, which is factored into the quality score. 

Advertisements that are educational, useful, and provide a pleasant user experience will be rated highly. Moreover, this will be shown as a hyperlink that directs potential consumers, using such phrases as ‘click here,’ ‘download immediately,’ or ‘contact us today.’


In today’s digital age, competition is steep for all businesses worldwide. Your ad copy should be relevant to the targeted keywords, your landing page should be simple to use, and your keywords should be highly relevant to the services or products you are offering. In keeping these five methods in mind, you’ll be assured to raise your PPC quality score and achieve your desired results over time. 

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