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How You Can Avoid Email Spam Filters and Land in the Inbox

Email marketing is one way businesses can reach out to new customers and strengthen relations with their current ones. But sometimes, your email marketing efforts may not yield that much results. There are many reasons your open rate may drop. And one common culprit is the email spam filters. 

Instead of going into your subscribers’ inboxes, your emails can land in the spam folders due to spam filters. Spam filters essentially use machine learning or artificial intelligence to detect spam and prevent them from getting into the user’s primary inbox. To lower your chances of landing in the spam folder and increase your open rate, here are some tips you can follow. 

Take Note of Inactive Subscribers

One reason your open rate may be low is the increasing number of inactive subscribers you have. Even if your email gets to their primary inbox, your email may still remain unopened and unread because the subscriber has become inactive. 

There are a few reasons subscribers may become inactive. One common reason is that some subscribers may have changed their email addresses since subscribing to your newsletter. It could also be possible that the email address is still the same, but the user has since decided not to actively check it as it may be a backup account. And in some cases, the subscriber may no longer be interested in the content you provide them.

To avoid inactive subscribers from affecting your open rate, it’s best to weed them out of your recipient list. But you don’t have to stop sending them content altogether. Rather, you can do it slowly. 

For example, if the subscriber has not opened your emails in the past 30 days, you can lessen the frequency. And after 60 days of inactivity, you can go from mid-frequency emails to low-frequency. You can also send a re-engagement campaign if they have still remained inactive after 120 days. If, after all this, they still have not engaged with any of your emails, it may be time to remove them from your list.

Avoid Trigger Words

Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, spam filters can detect certain trigger words and flag the email as spam because of them. So, it’s important to be careful of the words you use in your emails, especially the ones in your subject line, 

For example, phrases such as “double your income” or “while stocks last” should probably be avoided. It’s also best not to use misleading subject lines as recipients are more likely to flag these as spam. 

Consider the Text-to-Image Ratio

The text-to-image ratio in emails actually matters a lot. In fact, when an email is image-heavy, spam filters are more likely to flag it. And some users may even disable images in emails altogether as part of their default settings. 

So, it’s important to consider the text and image ratio of the emails you are sending out to your subscribers. As much as possible, stick to a ratio of 80 percent text and 20 percent images. And if you choose to add images to your emails, it’s best to limit them to three and include alt text for each one. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your open rate, it’s best to be mindful of email spam filters. Make sure you frequently weed out your subscriber list and be wary of the image to text ratio. It’s also important to avoid misleading subject lines and forego the use of certain trigger words in your content.

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