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Why Email Marketing Is Essential for Your Business in 2022

Email marketing has improved over the past years, and it has evolved from email to text messages, mobile notifications, and push notifications.

Undeniably, it is one of the best marketing tools for businesses and brands to target customers and potential leads. You can use it to provide useful information and updates to customers. You can also employ it as an automated email marketing tool to grow your company.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. In 2022, email marketing will be more profitable than ever before. Email remains the top preferred way for many firms to stay connected and interact with their customers. 

To help you further understand why email marketing is important for your business in 2022, here are some of the reasons:

Most People Still Use Email

Over 90 percent of the world’s business owners still use email to communicate, connect, and grow their business. 60 percent of consumers regularly check their inboxes randomly, while 50 percent of marketers still use email marketing to communicate with their customers.

In fact, 83 percent of consumers still prefer to communicate with businesses through emails.

Email Still Works

There’s no denying that email marketing works. That’s because it is easy to use and is a cost-effective marketing tool. Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to expand your business and reach a wider audience. 

According to the Convince & Convert report “Email: The Most Effective Digital Marketing Tool,” email marketing has an ROI of up to $38 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is more likely than social media and digital marketing to put your business in front of new customers. If you want customers to discover you online, now is the right time to commit to email marketing.

According to the email statistics report by Radicati, about 4.25 billion people who use email maintain an average of 1.86 email accounts in 2022.

Email Marketing Gives Higher ROI

Email marketing gives a higher conversion rate than other marketing channels. It allows you to provide important information and updates on your products and services directly to your customers and potential leads.

That’s why email marketing has a higher ROI than other marketing channels.

The Convince & Convert report shows that text messages, social media, and mobile notifications have an ROI of $1.52, $1.12, and $0.68, respectively. In contrast, email marketing has an ROI of $37.62.

It is also cheaper than SEO, PPC, and other marketing strategies. Email marketing can be more effective than different approaches because it is focused and more relevant to your target audience.

Email Marketing Works on Mobile Devices

More than 90 percent of consumers use mobile devices to shop online. What does this mean for your business? It indicates that your business needs to be mobile. 

One of the best ways to reach your customers and prospects is through smartphones. In fact, 63 percent of emails are accessed and opened using mobile devices.


There is no doubt that email marketing is still one of the best marketing strategies for businesses and brands in 2022, remaining relevant in our digital world. Email marketing is indeed an affordable tool to grow your business and connect with your customers.

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