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Some SEO Myths That You Should Avoid Believing at All Costs

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) definitely took the marketing world by storm. Besides the fact that it enabled companies to get a wider reach when it comes to their brand promotions, it also boosted their sales along the way.

That being said, its popularity spawned many misconceptions that ended up confusing many first-time marketing personnel to the point that it did nothing efficient for their brand. If you happen to find yourself in the same situation as they are, feel free to take note of the following SEO myths below so that you may avoid believing them at all costs.

1. Less is More.

Some Internet users actually think that if they have less content, their page will rank higher in search results. The truth is, the more informative and better-written content you have, the more people will be driven to your page. A page with a lot of content will always have an advantage over others because it is more likely to answer a search person’s query.

2. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.

This is one misconception that many beginners in SEO have. Unless you use a specific keyword more than once on your page, the search engine algorithm can easily sense the manipulation in your content. If the algorithm notices this, it will not rank your page anymore.

3. SEO is a Magic Bullet.

In most cases, SEO is not a magic bullet. It is, in fact, a long process that you should use to build your brand, and it can take years before you actually get the results you want. While it is possible to use SEO to boost your sales, make sure that you use it in conjunction with other marketing strategies to get the best results possible.

4. You Should Not Use Images in Your Content.

You might think that there is no way that images can help you rank higher on search results. However, the truth is, if you have images on your page, it will earn you a higher rank because it is more likely to answer a potential customer’s query.

5. Reputation is One of the Major Factors in SEO.

Though Google is indeed making its algorithm more about reputation, it is not among the significant factors for determining your ranking in search engine results unless, of course, you happen to be a renowned public figure.

6. All Websites Should be Created on WordPress.

Some technicians believe that the use of platforms such as WordPress is a must because it makes updating your content easier. Others also think it is better for your website ranking because it is a content management system. However, the truth is, you can use any other content management system as long as it allows you to upload your content correctly.

7. SEO Does Not Require a Good Design.

The truth is, SEO does not always require a good design. However, the reality of the matter is that people tend to be drawn to those websites that look more attractive to the eyes. If your design is poorly constructed and lacks a cohesive theme, you can bet that it will reflect on your search engine ranking.


SEO is indeed an effective strategy in the online marketing world. Nevertheless, it is essential that you consolidate your efforts with other marketing strategies to get higher search engine rankings and boost sales. With that said, you must avoid these myths as much as possible if you want to get the best results.

Note that it can take a long time before you see the results you want, but you should remain focused to make it a reality with time.

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