Top 5 Tips When Creating an Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to use to boost your business and grow your market. However, not everyone knows how to create the best strategies for Instagram. This article will give you the best tips on using Instagram for your business.

1. Creating a Handle

It may be tempting to develop a funny or witty handle for your Instagram account, but it is not exactly the best choice. Not only is it not professional, but also it may easily get lost in a sea of accounts. People may be confused about whether you are the official Instagram account for your brand.

When creating your Instagram handle, make sure to showcase your brand directly. Put your whole brand name if you can, and if your brand name seems unclear, you can put what kind of product or service you are (e.g., @rockyscardealership). Not only will this be utilizing your branding, but it is easier for people to find and identify as the official account.

2. Utilizing Your Bio

The bio is your tell-all for first-timers and could entice or turn away potential customers. When creating your bio, do your best to be engaging and inviting. Try to ask yourself if you would engage with a brand if they read your bio.

For the length, aside from the character limit, there is no recommended length. It can be short and direct, or you can make it as long as needed, just as long as it is catchy and not dull.

3. Quality Not Quantity

Sure, while most people may advise you to post on social media platforms for an increased presence constantly, it could do the opposite for Instagram. With a large number of content and brands on Instagram, the number of your posts do not matter as they can just get lost.

What is essential is creating high-quality content. This will appear in the recommendations of your target market, and if it is good, they will engage in it. Instagram uses algorithms to make sure your content reaches the right audience, but this is only effective if your content is high quality.

4. Limit Your Hashtags

Sure, spamming hashtags can make your post more visible, but most people just scroll past it. Using 30 tags, especially non-relevant ones, would make you look sketchy and like spam.

Limit your hashtags to only a few but relevant ones. The appropriate tags would allow you to reach your target audience quickly.

While it may seem like such a small aspect of your account, your profile image is necessary. You need to use not just any random photo. Instead, you need to use a digital copy of your brand’s logo.

If you do not have a logo, it is time that you make one. When using your official social media platforms for your business, you need to have your logo represented. This brings awareness and visibility to your businesses’ brand and logo.


Instagram is not like any other social media platform. The way brands use Instagram is done in a different approach and, if not done correctly, could easily backfire on them. If you are new to Instagram and want to open an account for your brand, just make sure to follow our tips above.

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